The Diner

“One Remarkable guy made me “The Magic Man” and, yep, it was spectacular!…The hot cakes were the perfect density!” -David S.
“Chef Dan is serving up some of his finest diner dishes with a side of Barberton Pride. A no brainier recommendation!” -Joe R.
“Just had breakfast at Barberton’s new eatery. I found the place quite inviting with a bright atmosphere, friendly staff, and my Belgian waffle was excellent. Give it a try, I think you will agree, it is remarkable.” -James L.
“I absolutely love it here! The food and staff are amazing. Prices are reasonable. The building itself really is a nice atmosphere. I highly recommend checking this dinner out.” -Lorea D.


“The food – WHOA!!!!!…I still think about that food today!  That lamb was so perfect it just fell off the bone right into my mouth…The cheese  – oh gosh it was so good.  I could not be more thankful for that cheese!…When I heard that you were having paella I was a little shocked at first, thinking that it was going to be a traditional seafood paella (maybe for your relatives/friends who don’t keep kosher, etc). But then I found it was kosher paella!!! wow-eeee!!  Truly the first paella I’ve ever had that I liked!  THANK you!!!” -Brian